Friday, May 28, 2010

Blue with Envy

My favourite colour is green - actually a turquoise - but any green is fine.

I've come to realise that while other cameras have issues with purple, mine doesn't like greens. Hence the blue with envy title.

Nail colour: Rimmel 819 Green with Envy.
Top and Base coat: same as per usual


Two coats. It bubbled because I shook it. It dries pretty quickly, but not quick enough because last night I went out to tea with wet nails still and now have dints everywhere - oh well.

Actual colour:

rimmel_819_green_with_envy colour

Most of the left hand nails survived my stressful week it seems.

Passing on the love

Bec from Bec's Beauty Buzz gave me an award! How cute is this pic?

So I have to pass it onto 10 bloggers - I'm sure every blog that I read has had it already - so I'm passing mine onto some new Gum Leaf Mafias like me :)

Meg is a Nail Geek
Sun Glasses After Dark

Here's what you guys have to do:
- Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you.
- Put the award on your blog.
- Let your nominated 10 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment.

I painted my nails last night - may fav colour - so expect to see a photo at some stage this weekend. I have two more assignment left for this semester due on Monday - so I'm working on them - supposed to be anyway -___-

No nails

I’ve had a pretty stressful week at work and unfortunately my nails copped it. I few nails had legitimate breakages from moving furniture and one broke when I was helping a girl with her new wheel chair, but the others, I’m sad to say, I picked at and nibbled on.

Plus I’ve had the worse headache – can a headache be contagious? Because lots of people of staff have had it this week. So anyhow no nail photos with lovely nail polish on it for you.

My bundle monster pack came on Thurday – it is pretty cool. I guess that is one good thing about having short nails, the nail images will fit on my nails!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Nice with rice

I was poking around Mode R Us (my local chemist) on Saturday and remembered that they have a heap of Coral Colours at the back,,, Mode is up the front so I rarely go further.

A few years ago I did buy some Coral Colours and didn’t like them. They peeled off really easily. But I’m a very forgiving person and did buy a bottle and it honestly could have been my application’s fault. I’ve worn this mani for 24 hours now and it’s holding up nicely.


Nail colour = Coral Colours – 140 – Silk
Konad art = Konad – Dark Purple
Dots = Rimmel – 239 – Your Majesty

I normally don’t buy frosts – because I have heinous ridges that frosts like to highlight and the brush strokes are so obvious blah! But I wanted something really girly and pretty.

Ignore my dodgy konading skills, I was watching Xmen again so I should be forgiven lol.

This morning my boss was telling me that her husband wanted to call their child Wolverine if it was a boy – luckily it was a girl. But isn’t that funny how things work like that? Because I hadn’t mentioned to her anything about my Xmen weekend and she just brought it up.

I like Your Majesty a lot. This school holidays I’m going to the V8 races – and am on the lookout for a dark neon orange (oxymoron?) to go with the silver – my favourite team is Vodaphone and they are their colours.

Anyways toodaloo, I’m off to cook rice.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I can't think of a pun.

You get three photos - you lucky things you.

I went purple for today. It totally matched my aqua shirt and rainbow bright socks. I felt that I would need it. I knew that today would be pretty frustrating as I had an online conference and because everything IT I touch lately goes kaboom - it went as planned - KABOOM!

Nail colour: Mode - 10643 - Glitterati


I've been sporting this colour on my toes for a little while now and liking it.

It is a jelly with a bit of red to purple micro glitter. I needed three coats all up. Unfortunately I went to bed early last night - I'm talking 8:30 - which wasn't a long enough time for my nails to dry. I did get a lovely woven pattern across my right nails.

I do my right hand last even though I always mean to start there. Oh well.



These last photos serve no real purpose do they?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No I didn't go to bed

Pretty Random added my name to the Gumleaf Mafia so after a lot of trial and error I got my blog list added ---> see it?

I'm so proud of myself right now.

And I'm off to bed.

Just a bit of ramble

I'm home sick today and I don't have any nail photos to show you.

I got rid of the black mess on Monday night and have gone naked so far this week. I always go bare on Tuesday and Wednesday anyway because they are the days that I have cooking classes - it's a health and safety thing to cook with nail polish on so I set a good example for my kids - it kills me though.

I've been hacking my nails off as well - I don't like it when they get too long or really uneven - so off they went.

And finally - I have been meaning to share - but I ordered a bundle monster pack of fuaxnads from Amazon. I feel bad buying fakes but that doesn't mean that I won't buy real ones anymore. I have a wish list that changes all the time - but at the moment I want those clouds! I really wish Konad would do more fairies or some cats - that makes me sound a little like a crazy cat women ha!

And while we are on the subject, what is with the name Konad? My husband instantly thought gonads, whereas I think feminine hygiene products. Either way isn't good.

I'm going to back to bed now, forgive me for rambling on.

Wait a minute! Crap I have followers? I don't even know how that works!!! Thank you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

No sir, I don't like it

Last night I removed the glitter and glam – it took forever and I still have little pieces of glitter on my hands :D So while I watched some X-men cartoons I painted my nails with a L’oreal. I just have to say that I have bought 3 different colours of these and haven’t been happy so far with the two I’ve tried.

It goes on quite nicely – two coats. But it doesn’t look like the bottle. It is very dark and not as shimmery as I think it should be. But it’s okay if you want bitumen coloured nails. And can I just say that my staffroom wasn’t happy with it either – I got a few comments about how boring my ‘black’ nails were. Thanks very much L’oreal.

The other issue I have had is chipping. Now as I said above, last night I had an exciting night of X-men cartoons and then went to bed – but when I rolled out of bed this morning I already had a chip in my nail. Just to put this into perspective – I like soft pillows. It has worn off the edges pretty quickly as well.

Maybe it is me, but two polishes both with the same issues??? I am leaving the colour I like the most ‘till last – hoping that it doesn’t have the same problems.

Base and top coat – Maybelline Express Finish
Nail colour – L’oreal Resist & Shine 710 Titanium


Titanium? I think not.
Up to 7 days? I think not.

And just in case you think that the gold lid is actually the brush handle – think again:


Not another word.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bling my nails


Second polish for the week is:

Adoree 220 Hamilton Blue

I like this one a lot.

It took at least 4 coats to get it opaque - I lost count - but it dries super fast so I didn't care. It does have a scaly finish so I top-coated it twice but I don't mind a little texture, it makes me wanting to rub my finders over it; sensory deprived childhood?

I always worry that glitter will chip - but 24 hours later it is all good. I took this photo yesterday afternoon after a really busy day at school - a nail punishing sports day basically.

Anyways - I luff this polish - the glitter is a mix of tiny green, gold, light blue, red and maybe silver flecks with a gray clear to hold it altogether. I will need to get a backup bottle of this one for sure; I say that about a lot of polishes -_-,

Now be prepared for some ugly cuticles - they have been really awful lately and in the photo I had just oiled them:


You were warned!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Konad blues

So I prettied up my nails today. The Turquoise Sea is still awesome but I wanted to konad the heck out of it.

First up I speed striped my nails with Mode Tatt-tastic (the most awesome-est polish I ever did see). Then promptly spilt my Tatt-tastic all over my chair and onto my leg.

Anyhoo, I then konaded with iamge plate m78 using Tatt-tastic and White. Topped it off with a top coat which did smear the pattern a little but after my fantastic mani experience this afternoon I don't care.

Adoree 241 Sea Turquoise
Mode Tattastic
Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener
Maybelline Express Finish

adoree_241_sea_turquoise konad

Friday, May 7, 2010

Adoree blues are over

I have been having such a bad computer day today, if the world wide web blows up in a few minutes, blame me.

While I was doing my uni readings this morning I wiped off the other mani and started with another Adoree polish. This time it went awesome.

2 coats of Adoree - 241 - Sea Turquoise
top and bottom coats - Maybelline Express Finish

I gotta say that I love this colour, it's the colour of my yoga mat and also my wedding shoes. It is slightly greener in real life. It reminds me of the blue 'white out' that you used to get.

I also love this nail polish, it was two coats. If it lasts until tomorrow without chipping then I think I'll have to by a backup. Imagine all the nail art I can do with this, well maybe you can't but I can. I'm already lining up something with a Mode polish for tomorrow.


Hopefully when I press "publish post" nothing will go wrong, cross fingers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yes I know I promised photos of toes - but I decided no, I didn't need to terrify the world with a photo of them. I blame high school science; when we learnt about genetics. Up until that point I thought everyone had hairy knuckles and an index toe longer than the 'big' toe. I've been paranoid about them ever since. Which conflicts with my love of shoes but I'm not going to analyse myself too much.

On with the nail polish:

I chose to start with Adoree's Rockport Gray. I quite like this colour - in fact my car is this colour - but I think it's called pearl green or something. It is a 'work okay' colour as no one at work noticed it, when usually I have people asking me about my nails.

It took four coats, might need another but that's as far as I'll go. It was streaky, highlights the ridges on my nails and already had a chip in it by lunch. I only put it on last night and work was kind to my nails today.


For six bucks though, I'm pretty happy - not ecstatic but okay.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Adoree - I adore you

So last week I ordered some Adoree from blossomandbe22 on ebay. They arrived here today - with nail stickers! Hello Kitty nail stickers!

They were $6 each - above my budget but oh well. I can't remember the names of the polishes - but most were ones that I saw somewhere else in the interwebs so I knew they were pretty good.

Already tried them on my toenails - I'll maybe take a photo tomorrow.

Everyone at work liked the pink and plum french mani. Is it a complement when people ask if you nails are fake?

Monday, May 3, 2010

A little French?

So, yesterday the nail on my little finger snapped off (just a little bit) while I was doing some heavy lifting (a book). So to hide it I french tipped the Speed Dating. See you can't even tell in the photo!

nail - Rimmel 331 Speed Dating
tip - Revlon 799 Plum Night

It looks black in real life and in the photo, but it's not. It's plum. I painted my mum's nails this on the Easter holidays and everyone thought it was black - like she had suddenly gone goth on them. It is a lovely dark plum that's for sure.

I really suck at french tips - I can always tell that I'm hopeless, but really no one gets up close enough to tell so phft. I will get that Konad french nail plate though,,, eventually.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today and Yesterday

My bottles of nail polish have out grown the box they are in, actually it got so heavy that it broke. So yesterday I toured the town looking for something to sort them into. I ended up getting 4 large food containers from the corner store, plus some cute breast cancer pink containers too.

I spent some of the day working my way through my collection and sorting out duplicate colours and stuff. I'll be passing on quite a few to a young girl I know who will love them :D


I got side tracked though, and my lounge room floor is still covered in containers and crap - I'll get back to it today! I promise!

Last night was Quiz Night at the RSL. So I and a few other teachers (and husbands) went out. I found this polish in the bathroom before we had to go, and quickly got it on my fingers.

Rimmel - 331 Speed Dating

I had kind of forgotten about it, but it's my answer to watermelon. I love the colour of watermelons, so this pretty much the shit. It has a little glimmer and because it's a jelly it also kind of reminds me of the jelly you get in doughnuts. It looks a littler bluer in real life - but still...

This is base coat, two coats, top coat. I used Maybelline Express Finish cause it's so quick to dry!!!

rimmel_ 331_speed_dating

And we are done.

Now if only I had a nice dark green I so could turn this into a watermelon french or something - with black dots...

Not another nail polish blog

I’ve been so inspired lately to blog about my nails.

I know that everyone and their pets blog about their nails, but there are some truly awesome ones out there – and so many are Australian.

I love nail polish, I truly do, I can’t go near a Priceline, Big W or Chemist without buying a nail polish. But because I live in the middle of nowhere I can only rely on my local chemist (hence forth named Mode R Us) and the interwebs – ebay mostly but I might give oztion ago cause it looks like it has some variety.

I’m partial to a bit o’ glitter.

I’m time poor and stressed. I wear my polish until it chips or until I have to take it off for work. So you will see no swatches for the sake of swatches, once a polish is on it’s there for the long haul – unless it’s shit.

I make no apologies about the state of my nails, cuticles or mani.