Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Before I go...

Tomorrow I'm off for my holidays. Heading up to my parents and then to Townsville to watch the V8 racing.

I had great plans for these:

But even when I'm on holidays I still don't get time for myself! I had just finished these, when my friend visited. We just sat down and the phone rang,,, it was the doctor's practice to say they could fit me in their schedule in 15 minutes time! Don't worry, it was just to get prescriptions written.

And then my husband picked me up from the doctor's and took me to eat takeaway Chinese at previously mentioned friend's house.

So all in all it was a pretty good day but my nails had lovely dents all over them.

Anyway, I just tried to fauxnad them but it just wouldn't work. It was like there where two copies of the pattern when I stamped. I cleaned everything up extra carefully and changed nail polish and it still wouldn't work. I cleaned everything again, and it finally worked but I was just over it all so much so that I just cleaned my nails off to go bare naked for my trip :(

+ Another plus + I did get my hair coloured (purple) today. I'll see if I can get a photo of it in the next few days - I luff it.

Almost forgot

Nail colour: Cover Girl - 500 - White Night - 3 coats.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I just realised!

I am only a few days out from being near real stores that sells nail polish. Although the chemist is okay and has Mode, I still get cravings for shelves of glistening pretty nail polish bottles.

Yay for me!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catchen up

My holidays have started! The last few weeks of term were incredibly hectic so I didn’t have much time for nails or anything else bar school. I did do one manicure last weekend, but because I was rushed I didn’t let my nails dry so they got dinted heaps. Much like my manicure at the moment.

I’m not really a brown make up person. I remember when I was in my teens and brown became a really popular lipstick colour – and the Avon lady said “That really looks like shit on you” – haha! So I don’t really know what possesses me to buy brown polishes but I do.

Base colour is Rimmel357 Azteque; a terracotta which was a two coater.

The dahlia flowers were stamped in Australis Caramel. Which looks like melted milk chocolate.

Next time I do this I’ll just leave it at this step!

And the bling is Revlon Molten Metal. I do love the idea of Molten Metal, it looks so pretty in the bottle and on the nails, but it never seems to last for long :(

Top and base coat is the usual suspect.

There was a whole lotta stuff going on in this mani, but I found myself looking at my nails heaps - lol - vanity.

So currently on my nails, I have Adoree 201 Pink Pansy. It’s a lovely mushroomy pink with a flash of pastel purple iridescent. This was four coats, which is too many for me usually but I really like the colour. I can’t wait to use it for layering.



Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Gah, I can't believe how busy I've been with everything this last week. It's report card time basically.

Anyway, here are my nails from last weekend. The show was on so I wanted to go a little funky:

Nail: Mode Blueberry
Nail: Avon Feisty
Glitter: Adoree 220 Hamilton Blue

blue and maroon1

Sorry for the terrible photo, I just could not get a clear shot :(

blue and maroon3

The Blue needed three coats and the Maroon needed 2.

If you don't live in Queensland or New South Wales you may have missed that the second State of Origin game was on last night. I'm not really a football follower but we had friends over to watch the game and I got to paint their nails while we watched:

Davo is a 5 year old boy who loves nail polish. I know a few little boys that do, I gave one a heap of blue nail polishes after his father had refused to buy some for him. Nail polish lovers unit!

His older sister, Aug, is trying to grow out her nails and stop chewing. She's the one I donated a heap of polish to recently.
Aug is a NSW follower.

Their mum, Bec wanted butterflies.
Bes is a QLD follower.

And can I just say that everyone at school today were very jealous of this family's manicures. In fact I had two girls ask me if I had really painted Aug's nails.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My friend doesn't know her nail polishes

Last night I finally put some colour on my nails. I regretted it because the polish was a streaky sticky pearly mess, although I like the colour. It also smells bad.

A friend gave me this, so I thought I would try it out. I put two coats on gave up despite the vnl. Then promptly covered it in gold glitter. The glitter saved it, but I still haven't done a clean up lol.

Nail - Bia 13
Glitter - Adoree 152 Golden Star


Soemthing I learnt last night; don't use nail polishes that friends give you unless they love nail polish too.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Colorblind Fail

This was a pathetic attempt as faux-nadding but I'll share it anyway. I really wanted to stretch the Green with Envy a few more days so I thought I would try some nice black polka dots,,, but unfortunately what I thought was black polish was actually a dark blue jelly. Oh well, work loved them.

Base - Rimmel - 819 Green with Envy
Dots - Satin - Milky Way <- not black

rimmel_819_green_with_envy dotted

I'm trying to decide what colour to go for the next few days,,,