Friday, July 23, 2010

I feel so lucky!

Yesterday one of my lemmings arrived.

I try to be pretty frugal about my nail polish budget - hence the whole less than five bucks! But I decided that life was too short not to buy really pretty nail polishes that will make me happy.

So I went looking for Mad as a Hatter and found an Ebay store that sells a heap of OPI ranges including the Alice in Wonderland collection. So I bought 2 bottles at $15.90 each. To me that's a lot of money for some glitter in a varnish but oh well, it sure beats the up-to-$30 I was looking to paying for it on Ebay only a month ago.

I decided to compare it with Adoree Hamilton Blue just because.

adoree vs opi glitter1

They are obviously not dupes :)

adoree vs opi glitter2

Mad as a Hatter has larger sized glitter in purple magenta (mostly) aqua, salmon and possibly some other colours but I can't work out right now because the bling hurts my eyes.

Hamilton Blue is aqua, light red, gold or silver once again - bling hurts my eyes. Hamilton Blue however isn't as sparkly as Mad as a Hatter possibly because of the size of the glitter.

Both of these are two coats - using the dab method.

I am very happy to have both in my collection because I am a bit of a glitterati. Bring on the next lemming,,, Happy Birthday!

This week I had this on my nails:

bys - n174 - Fools Paradise

BYS - n238 - Matte Mint Green

It was a two coater and a really lovely colour. It got a lot of complements. This was actually my first matte and it didn't really live up to my expectations, as it had a dull shine and wasn't truly matte. Maybe I expect too much. I top coated it glossy.

Easy to apply and it lasted for 5 days before it chipped. Value to money I think.

C*m Shot:
adoree vs opi glitter3

Friday, July 16, 2010


This is my haul from over the holidays:

nail haul

My theme was 'bright!' I think I nailed it. I'll give myself a B+ because a few dark colours crept in :)

Rimmel - 050 - Tangerine Queen

nails in action

I wore this polish for over a week, with only one finger chipping. I did give it a second topcoat though halfway through. I was really impressed and it got a bit of attention. It was a three coater.

For the last few days I gave it a race car checkered french from the bundle monster in silver; and then went to watch the V8 car racing. The team I support didn't win but at least my nails matched their cars!

A lesson I learnt is not to trust my husband to take photographs of my nails...

Another lesson I learnt is that life is too short to not own pretty nail polish. So since I have been back have 'invested' in some lemmings...

Terrible terrible terrible

I was on holidays for the last few weeks, and omg do I have a haul to share... later.

I went to the dentist while I was away, :( have been in pain for the last week and on drugs. I think it will okay now because last night while I was sucking on a potato scallop I felt a bit of tooth pop out from under my gum! I'm guessing it had been wedged in there while the dentist was working on that tooth. Ouch!

This morning I was catching up with nail blogs and saw an old post about ZannClips -

I have really fine hair, but a lot of it so I have issues. They only way to get it up and stay there is a really strong hair band that leaves me with a headache. The big clips don't hold all of my hair and most clips just slip out. My answer is usually to just keep my hair short - boy short.

At the moment I'm growing my hair out for a change - and decided to keep it chin length or so - but I really do love long hair.

Cross fingers and hope that these clips work well for me. I just have to note that the postage cost almost as much as a clip.