Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas nails

Three coats of:

Top and base coat - usual
Rimmel - 238 Forest
Revlon - Berry Jewelled

I painted the ring fingers the alternate colour, with the left is mainly green and the right is mainly red.


This was last nights effort - I only have 3 days left of school until the holidays so I thought what the hey, do it in Chritmas colours. But look at the wear already! Admittedly I was being pretty hard on my nails today - with moving furniture and sorting through enough old papers and stuff to fill a trailor.

But here is the biggest dissapointment of the year for me:


That is 4-5 coats of a nameless cream BYS. It was gloopy, streaky and the coats jsut did not dry. I wore them for the whole week last week and they seriously didn't dry. They got dented and smooshed though. I fauxkonaded with that diagonal stripe in the BM with a Adoree 241 Sea Turquoise.

You see last week we had a M day to raise money for Movember. I went as the Milky Bar Kid - and painted my nails with this nameless BYS polish - worst polish ever. It didn't dry the whole 5 days it was on - and was dented and smooshed all over the place.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nail polish and Shoes

Hey, long time no blog >.<

I think I posted this but I've been too busy for nails and with a new principal I've avoided the whole nonwork okay polish by going clear. However I broke the drought and did paint my nails red for my birthday and I painted again on the weekend.

At the moment my nails are:

nail - Model's Own Pink Punch
art - Color Club 811 What a Drag

Models Own Pink Punch1

Models own was three coats - it probably could have had another coat because there was a lot of visable nail lines. The colour is a really good match on my screen. After I painted my nails I started thinking if I had any clothes that would go with it - nope not really except black. And then I remembered my shoe collection.

Models Own Pink Punch2

Models Own Pink Punch3

I love shoes almost as much as nail polish - but I don't have that many - I wish. I wore these when I dressed up Cyndi Lauper at last year's staff party.

Anyway - so I thought maybe should do a little painting so that my nails would really match my shoes:

Models Own Pink Punch Color Club 811 What a Drag 1

It's not a perfect match but that's okay. The silver is rubbing off already.