Friday, April 13, 2012

What, another haul?

My final splurge of Butter London arrived yesterday. No, I didn't open the box to find the bottles artfully (phhhht!) arranged like that - I took the time to do it. It is surpisingly hard to artfully arrange bottles on top of packing peanuts!

T-B, L-R
The Black Night - Henley Regatta - Rosie Lee
All Hail the Queen - Thames
Bluey - HRH - West End Wonderland 

It was good timing, because my Fly polish was starting to really show the edges, so on my left hand, I trimmed off the nails and painted away with Henley Regatta. Fly and Henley Regatta perfect matches.

I was then told that we needed to get going, going to the pub for dinner. So my right hand didn't get painted - no one noticed - infact my left right hand is still plain old Fly and untrimmed.

The photo you are about to see includes awful cuticles, my right hand, vastly different lengthed nails, tip wear and was extremeley difficult to take with my iphone. I balanced the camera, put my fingers in front, hoped it focused and took the shot using my earphones and my teeth.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last week's haul

I got a nondescript box from the post office last week - it was so exciting because I knew what it was straight away.

The contents of the box;
OPI Fly, Pink Friday, Metallic for Life, DS Temptation, Save Me.

I took the box with me camping over the Easter long weekend. We went with out friends, Bec and her family and Erin and her family. So there was plenty of little kids nails to paint.

I went with Fly for my nails, and despite being put on in the twilight by the light of a lamp (that's a slight exaggeration) and having to put up with the rigors of rock climbing and packing up camp it lasted until yesterday before it chipped. So off it went today, and replaced with another two coats of Fly.  Well, 2 will do me.

The fact that I went with the same colour for two manis in a row tells you how much I love this polish - I say I love a lot of my polishes >.<   I'll probably glitter it up by the end of the week though. The only issue I have had is that it stains.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Eggs

I'm on Easter holidays! Yay for me!

Since last week was the last week of school, I played with Lady Muck and made my nails into Easter eggs.  I used sticky tape,a pair of shears and a nameless foily pink polish that is pretty awesome which I picked up at one of those cheap cosmetic shops, to make a zigzag pattern.  I then dotted Revlon - 900 - Gold Get 'Em.

Note the tip wear, but that colour stayed on my nails without chipping for 7 days.

My current nail art was an experiment that I saw on The Polish Aholic, however my nails didn't turn out as nice as hers. I think my straws were too wide or something so I got big blobs of splatters. Which in turn made my polish so thick and took hours to dry.  I also got bubbles.

I started with four coats of OPI - Funny Bunny (picked purley by name for the Easter theme). I'm dissapointed with this because I could still see streaks. Then I used Face of Australia Minty Mojito, Lemon Sorbet and Cotton Candy. It's so eastery.

In other news, my husband bought me a whole bulk box of Cadbury Creme Eggs.