Friday, August 27, 2010

My nails this week have been painted in Adore’e’s Dawn Sky. It’s a really nice fuchsia with an iridescent shimmer of mauve. This is three coats and it lasted almost all week, with no chipping just some wear on my tips from Sunday until today when it finally chipped.

Adore’e – 133 - Dawn Sky

adoree 113 Dawn Sky 2

adoree 113 Dawn Sky 1
This darker colour is probably truer.

You will have to excuse the fabric imprints on my nails – too much of a hurry as per usual. These photos were taken on Wednesday by the way.

The colour got a lot attention and it had my students telling me they looked fake – when they know full well that they aren’t. Normally I would have konaded my nails after a few days because I get bored of just the plain nail, but these were too pretty too cover up.

My one issue is the name, for me a dawn sky would be a tangerine with the mauve iridescent – that would be pretty.

Over the weekend I’ll take some photos of the Piggy Paint that arrived :) Husband and I already took a few good wiffs, although they claim that they are odorless we think they small like PVA glue. I actually like the smell of PVA glue though.


  1. What an amazing colour. I must get my hands on some of these polishes. Where did you find these?


  2. Sorry about not commenting back - but I got them from ebay. I really think they are good and have been eyeing up some more.