Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Went to take photos of my nails and other things today to find I had run out of battery - so had to use the huge camera. So now I have an aching wrist,,, no actually I've been sewing a lot lately and crocheting which is probably to blame more than a few photos.

Here is my current mani:

Adoree - 241 - Sea Turquoise
Revlon - 900 - Gold Get 'Em

adoree and revlon

It actually took two days for me to finish of the 3 coats of sea turquoise because I'm such a slacker. It's actually quite thick but the first two coats are streaky - it's the third coat that finished it all off.

I was going to konad the heck out of it, but I found the neglected bottle of gold sparkly under some fabric. I took that as a sign.

In real life my nails are so much prettier but you'll just have to imagine it because I'm not picking up that camera again anytime soon.

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