Thursday, December 23, 2010

Island Mani

I'm back from my island holiday! Actually I was back two weeks ago - but I lost my camera. Anyhooo - found it yesterday - so I do have some shots to show you:

long island 4

long island 1

And my nails for the week were:

long island nails 1

long island nails 2

Rimmel 60 Seconds - 825 Sky High

I did this mani once we were on Long Island and it stayed on for a whole week. Infact when I got back to Townsville, even with the edge wear, they still got comments. I was actually shopping with the girl that I give my old nail polishes to and who is doing really well with her anti-nail biting campain. She was a little in awe when random people grabbed my hands to look at my nails. Patience my young padawan. Haha!

I did my nails for Christmas today - I'll take some photos tomorrow for you!

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