Saturday, March 5, 2011

Iron Fist

After weeks of wearing nothing but clear and nursing my stunted nails to a nice length – but totally giving up on my cuticles – I finally got to paint my nails this weekend.

I have been dying to do this mani since my Iron Fist shoes arrived. But before I get into the mani, I’ll tell you all about my tale of woe come good.

iron fist 2

The first time I saw these shoes was on a random flickr account and I though ‘OMG I need those!’ and so I tracked them down. Iron Fist Zebracorn. It wasn’t until before Christmas that I decided to buy them and just to make sure I was buying the right size I checked out the online store’s size conversion... I would have normally ordered a size 9 US (which is a size 40) but according to their own conversion table I would have to buy a size 10...

When they arrived I was devastated. As soon as I saw them I knew that they would be too big. I checked the sizing on the actual shoe and sure enough – although it was a 10US it was also a size 42. I sent the store an email explaining the issue and was told that I could send them back and get replacements...

The cost of returning them would have cost the same as buying a new pair! So I ended up just buying another pair and they gave me free shipping. This all went well and now I have my dream shoes.

iron fist 1

BUT – I decided to sell the big pair on ebay and someone bought them like straight away – and well why shouldn’t they? So I posted them off...

And then it rained and rained and flooded and flooded. The shoes got lost. A month or so later, Australia Post still hadn’t delivered the shoes, so I went though and put in a inquiry hoping that it could all be sorted out and I could refund the person without losing money myself.

Eventually the shoes arrived, but the packaging was trashed, the shoe box destroyed and the shoes were damaged. I was freaking out, but the buyer was so nice and decided that the marks the shoes now had would be fine and were nothing that she wouldn’t do when she wore them herself. She should be given a knighthood or something.

So yes, here is the nail art. Warning: if you don't like ragged and torn cuticles then don't look at the following images.

iron fist 3

iron fist 4

yellow: Face of Australia LUXE - Lemon Sorbet
green: BYS - Matte Mint Green
blue: Sportsgirl Nail It - Hello Sailor
black: Kiss Nail Art Paint - SPA12 Black
clear: Rimmel 60 seconds - 740 Clear


  1. Wow, gorgeous nails! I love how you used blue green and yellow underneath the black :) Looks great

  2. Those nails (and shoes) are amazing! Great blog :)


  3. what size are you in Australian sizes, as I am having a hard time converting?