Saturday, June 2, 2012


 I've had a pretty crappy month. I spent most of it getting over a really nasty cold and of course there is always some work stuff.  So for most of that time my nails were pretty much neglected although I did put on some Revlon 940 Facets of Fuchsia. The problem was that I never got around to cleaning it off,,, so look away now if you get squeamish.


These were my nails for the last two weeks, and it only got worse after that shot.  Whenever I looked at them I winced.  Words come to mind that I haven't used since the 90s in high school; slag, slurry, pog. Sorry, but when I see chipped dark polish like this that's what I think.

In fact, last night a friend looked at my nails and said 'That's most unlike you.'

Luckily, I followed the advice of this.

Sorry if you have seen this before.

On Thursday a whole box of Adoree polishes came my way.  I'm keeping three for something special, but the rest are mine!!! It helped that they were on sale.Click away!

Three coats of Adoree 159 Neon Purple. Easy to apply, quick to dry. More a pink than a purple but still lovely and bright. Maybe I got sent the wrong one? Kind of reminds me of 90s high school where we used to use our highlighters to paint our nails - except more opaque. No clean up for you! The little bubbles are from my base coat.

Random but, today a mother of two of my students came up to me in the street and told me that I must be doing something right because lately the youngest has been talking about me and what we have been doing in class, nonstop. I didn't say it but I did think it - must be because the other teachers are crap.  I didn't say it but I did think it - that's because I'm fracking awesome. 

Who's got tickets? Me!

Oh well, at the moment I need something positive.


  1. omg after photos so much better! yes the scandalous does seem to chip away very soon.

  2. Ugh, they were so bad - I shudder.

  3. This post made me lol three times.

    1. Pog, 2. Highlighted nails (I am also a 90's highschool kid)and 3. The scandalous image

    Your nails look great now btw :)