Monday, August 27, 2012


I was going back through my camera roll and realised that I haven't shared my nails in ages!  As per usual, life is busy and pretty stressful.  I have to keep reminding myself to do other stuff I love and not just my job. Yesterday I traced and cut out a pattern for a top to sew, that's a good start.

My nails at the moment are just awful - the weather is too dry and too cold. Although last week it started warming up again - in fact we had to use the air con over the weekend.

Here is my current master piece - cough - I tried to use a sewing pin to do the dots but used a berry headed pin (I saw it on pinterest). Note to self - don't use berry head pins especially those that react to nail polish remover.

Base colour - three coats of Essie - Movers and Shakers
Green dots - Orly - Green Apple (my only Orly)
Blue dots - OPI - Fly
Clear - Face of Australia

Apart from some tip wear these have lasted a whole week, it's been like having a birthday party on my nails for 7 days.

Does anyone know much about gelicious?

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