Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gelicious - a first

I bought a Gelicious starter kit thing and a few colours. I thought it would be a bit of fun to try them out.

My first colour was Beachy Peachy Coral - and I quite liked it. I put on 3 layers of colour, along with the base and top coat.

It began peeling 6 days later on one of my nails, so I put a little more clear over it and set it and Bob's your uncle. (check out my PJ pants - that I'm wearing inside out - I'm such a fashionista)

I got a little bored of the colour 8 days in so I made a gelly sandwich.

12 days later 3 fingers was lifting up (well the polish was) so I removed it all, but I think I would have done it anyway because the nail growth was really starting to annoy me.

Anyhow, I got 12 days - not quite the 2 weeks but pretty close.

I've just put on Aztec Blue and will see how it goes.

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