Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gelicious - Fake Tan

Two coats of Fake Tan. I don't really think the name matches the colour. In my nails it looked like a bronzy puce colour.

Longevity was good - exactly 2 weeks and it started chipping, although I did have some tip wear.

I was pretty hard on them too - canoes, climbing, high ropes challenges, camping. Basically I was on school camp for a bit of it.

What I was really worried about was the removal. I didn't want to worsen my nails. I bought some new acetone based remover - 80% I double checked - and tried again. It worked pretty well so it really must have been that other bottle.

This is good news because I bought a whole heap more from Buy Invite - I think each bottle was $15. So hopefully I'll have a huge haul to show you soon.

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