Monday, July 29, 2013

Gelicious - Lavender Cupcake

So pretty! Made even more so a week into the mani with a bit of glitter. Although I'm not a fan on stars because their points catch on everything even though I put a layer of gel coat over it.

I've been trailing Gelicious soak and scratch wraps. They are pretty easy to use, probably prefer them to alfoil but the black printing rubs off into my fingers. Plus they are pretty expensive - lucky I bought them on sale.

Base - Gelicious - Lavender Cupcake
Glitter - Candy Lacquer - Starlight

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  1. Oh this one is pretty!! I bought a massive bunch (like 200 I think) of cnd shellac removal wraps. They are pretty good and when you buy a big lot they are pretty cheap. I just got them from ebay. Cant wait to see the rest of the colours!!

  2. I really liked this colour, now I have to decide which one is next.

    I bought up two big packs of the gelicious one which should keep me going for a while, but I'll have to check out ebay for more later.