Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Too little?

Yes I know I have neglected this blog, to be honest my nails (actually cuticles) are just as neglected. In fact last week the hubby (who I don’t actually call that in real life) asked me about my lack of nail polish. Work has been too stressful over the last while – I have had no work-life balance between it and studying my masters.

This is my first week of holidays – and you guessed it – I’ve been doing work – teachers need to work over the holidays so that they are prepared for when school starts up again.

To celebrate the end of term I painted my nails this:

Nail colour – Maybelline Salon Expert – 420 Cutie Pink
Swipes – Face of Australian Private Jet
Lines – Kiss Nail Art Paint – SPA10 Silver Glitter
Base and top: Rimmel 60 seconds – 740 clear

This eighties inspired job was two coats of the Cutie Pink – I really like this colour. To do the purple, you just swipe the brush again some paper towel to dry off some of the polish and lightly brush it over the nail. And then I used the nail art polish to bling it up. It’s a nice simple manicure that has people grab your hand to look at it.

The only other manicure I really did during this term was this one:

Colour: Revlon – Passionate Fruit
Art: Kiss Nail Art Paint – Black
Base and top: Rimmel 60 seconds – 740 clear

I really like this colour, and it only took two coats. I really love that it is scented! Why can’t all polish be scented? It smells just like my Lip Smackers from first year uni – berries. Unfortunately, my then boyfriend and my now husband hates that smell. Oh well, can’t win them all.

For ages I had been trying all the blacks that I had on my konads, but none of them worked very well; most looked brown or grey after I had printed. But then I realised that I should use the black nail art paint I had, so I gave it a go. Yay for me it worked!

The inspiration for my mani are a pair of my favourite shoes. These are from Betts. These won me ‘best shoes’ at a Melbourne Cup lunch. They are really comfortable although they look scary to walk around in.


  1. I know what you mean about neglecting your nails, my cuticles are atrocious at the moment.

    Love your shoes and the mani! Lace is so pretty on the nails :D

  2. The lace looks so fantastic. Love the shoes too.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I'm pretty happy with the black nail art polish working - because I really didn't want to pay for konad polish.