Friday, November 18, 2011


I’m not even going to look at the date of my last post. No apologies just excuses ;-) I’ve been finishing my Masters. It’s done now. In the lull while I waited for my results I’ve been reading through nail polish BLOGS and drooling at all the new polishes I missed out on!

So here is my first haul, from Ebay:

Revlon - 940 Facets of Fuchsia and 051 Starry Pink.
Instant must haves – I bought two of each.

Del Sol - Girl’s Night Out and Pretty in Pink.
I love a novelty polish – these ones change colour when you go out in the sun. Plenty of sun where I live so these will be great.

Fantasy Makers - Glow in Dark
Again,,, novelty polishes are my downfall. I bought 3 because I’ll be giving two away at Xmas time. I’m a little sad because the family of boys that love nail polish are moving away at the end of the year,,, that leaves me with only one boy left to manicure.

I bought most of these from the ebay shop 702musthaves and I have to say she was so helpful when I was trying to track down the Revlons. Will buy from her again. I’m not paid to say this by the way.

Haul two is all OPI. I come home after work and saw a message from C in msn. Catch of the Day (or one of those online shops) was selling heaps of nail polishes. So I stocked up on basics, knowing that I tend to by otherwise (see previous polishes lol).

Funny Bunny and Happy Anniversary
I don’t have much luck with white polishes :( and also you can never have enough layering polishes

Mod About You, Kiss on the Chic and Passion
I’m sure I’ll find the perfect pink for me some day. Maybe it will be one of these?

Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous, You Don’t Know Jaques and Yucatan if U Want
There are some pretty yawn inducing colours in this haul isn’t there? I'm sure my favourite out the lot will be Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous, despite it’s sucky name.

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