Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pair of Essies

For the last fortnight I've been trying out some of my Essie haul.  The colours have been very pretty and opaque - the purple was two coats. They also lasted quite a while - they got to five days before the polish started crazing. With the pink polish, I got one chip on the first day which I just put another coat over, but after that it was fine.

Essie - Sea Breeze - (I think - I bought three colours that are similar). This colour was a little bit 'old' but actually got a few complements because it was pretty.

Essie - Nice is Nice. This one is a keeper for sure.

I'm also trying out Revlon's Quick Dry Top Coat - it's not too bad either. It is quite runny though.

I've been trying to watch Beauty and the Geek episodes from Plus7 but it kept stopping - urg! I miss watching it on TV because I do Zumba every Thursday (and Tuesday) and so forget. Go me!!! Apparently it comes on again on some other channel but it's all too complicated for me.  We got rid of our Austar about 6 months ago because we could never remember when to watch TV, and then forget when the replay was, and then you could buy a thing to record your shows on but that required more money. Luckily I'm sitting here in front of the TV relaxing after my workout and I remembered to tune into Beauty and the Geek!

One of last year's geeks works out here at the Age of Dinosaurs, so I actually saw him a few weeks ago when we went on a tour. George is a cutie so it's a pity he didn't make it all the way through. This makes me sound like I know him but I don't.

Change of topic - here's a cat photo that includes my box of Essie polishes.

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