Friday, October 26, 2012

Sharing my hauls!

Of course OPI is probably my favourite brand of 'expensive' nail polish, but I think Essie is creeping up there.

L-R: Smooth Sailing, Coat Azure, I Have a Herring Problem, Ski Teal We Drop 

L-R: Sea Breeze, Jumpin Junkaroo, Your Hut or Mine, Chick Flick Cherry, Diva of Geneva  

 L-R:Going Incognito, Pretty Edgy, Thanks a Windmillion, Don't Mess with OPI

L-R:Nice is Nice, Significant Other Color, A Grape Fit, Dutch Ya Just Live OPI

L-R:Licorice, Happy Anniversary, Glitzerland

 For my birthday I've ordered myself some China Glaze and a pair of new Zumba shoes. I also bought myself Emma Louis and Creature Crush from Pretty Serious! Yay!

Now I'm going to try and do a Halloween mani.

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