Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catchen up

My holidays have started! The last few weeks of term were incredibly hectic so I didn’t have much time for nails or anything else bar school. I did do one manicure last weekend, but because I was rushed I didn’t let my nails dry so they got dinted heaps. Much like my manicure at the moment.

I’m not really a brown make up person. I remember when I was in my teens and brown became a really popular lipstick colour – and the Avon lady said “That really looks like shit on you” – haha! So I don’t really know what possesses me to buy brown polishes but I do.

Base colour is Rimmel357 Azteque; a terracotta which was a two coater.

The dahlia flowers were stamped in Australis Caramel. Which looks like melted milk chocolate.

Next time I do this I’ll just leave it at this step!

And the bling is Revlon Molten Metal. I do love the idea of Molten Metal, it looks so pretty in the bottle and on the nails, but it never seems to last for long :(

Top and base coat is the usual suspect.

There was a whole lotta stuff going on in this mani, but I found myself looking at my nails heaps - lol - vanity.

So currently on my nails, I have Adoree 201 Pink Pansy. It’s a lovely mushroomy pink with a flash of pastel purple iridescent. This was four coats, which is too many for me usually but I really like the colour. I can’t wait to use it for layering.



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