Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Gah, I can't believe how busy I've been with everything this last week. It's report card time basically.

Anyway, here are my nails from last weekend. The show was on so I wanted to go a little funky:

Nail: Mode Blueberry
Nail: Avon Feisty
Glitter: Adoree 220 Hamilton Blue

blue and maroon1

Sorry for the terrible photo, I just could not get a clear shot :(

blue and maroon3

The Blue needed three coats and the Maroon needed 2.

If you don't live in Queensland or New South Wales you may have missed that the second State of Origin game was on last night. I'm not really a football follower but we had friends over to watch the game and I got to paint their nails while we watched:

Davo is a 5 year old boy who loves nail polish. I know a few little boys that do, I gave one a heap of blue nail polishes after his father had refused to buy some for him. Nail polish lovers unit!

His older sister, Aug, is trying to grow out her nails and stop chewing. She's the one I donated a heap of polish to recently.
Aug is a NSW follower.

Their mum, Bec wanted butterflies.
Bes is a QLD follower.

And can I just say that everyone at school today were very jealous of this family's manicures. In fact I had two girls ask me if I had really painted Aug's nails.

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