Friday, July 16, 2010

Terrible terrible terrible

I was on holidays for the last few weeks, and omg do I have a haul to share... later.

I went to the dentist while I was away, :( have been in pain for the last week and on drugs. I think it will okay now because last night while I was sucking on a potato scallop I felt a bit of tooth pop out from under my gum! I'm guessing it had been wedged in there while the dentist was working on that tooth. Ouch!

This morning I was catching up with nail blogs and saw an old post about ZannClips -

I have really fine hair, but a lot of it so I have issues. They only way to get it up and stay there is a really strong hair band that leaves me with a headache. The big clips don't hold all of my hair and most clips just slip out. My answer is usually to just keep my hair short - boy short.

At the moment I'm growing my hair out for a change - and decided to keep it chin length or so - but I really do love long hair.

Cross fingers and hope that these clips work well for me. I just have to note that the postage cost almost as much as a clip.

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