Friday, January 7, 2011

Ek, where does the time go?

I have had these photos ready to share - sorry!

face of australia

Face of Australia - Cotton Candy

This was three coats and as you can see it was blotchy, I should have tried another coat over it and next time I will. I think the colour suits me pretty nicely. After a few days of this I then tried out the BYS cracked nail polish:

BYS black cracked

I was pretty messy with the application but man it got some attention! Will be using this again - I should have gotten more colours - so it's just black for now.

And what better to end the year on, then with my ugliest mani for the year:

new years eve

Face of Australia - Lemon Sorbet
Lippmann - Happy Birthday
OPI - Mad as a Hatter

It truely was an ugly but bright mani. However because I was impatient and just piled the glitter on without waiting between coats I smooshed it pretty badly - oh well LOL.

I was thinking I might post about shoes and my clothes sewing on here. I'm dying to show you the new shoes I ordered - they have a terrible tale of woe.


  1. Hey, thanks for the follow. I'm following back :)

    I don't know any Australian nail bloggers, its great to come across yours!

    How do I get in the Gumleaf Mafia? Such a cute idea :D

  2. Hi there! I was pretty excited to see another Aussie.

    If you go to and leave her a comment, Kaz will let everyone know who you are.