Saturday, January 8, 2011


I painted my nails today a really awesome turquoise – my favourite colour – but there were issues. I’ll take photos tomorrow.

My new year’s resolution is to bake and sew more. I’m a home ec/hospitality teacher and to be honest the spark went out for me and cooking a while ago. Whenever I’m actually trying a new recipe it’s for the new recipe book I’m making for my students. I’m trying to get my mojo back – and just baking stuff for the heck of it.

Sewing takes up time and even though I love it while I’m doing it, just the thought of the whole process make me not want to do it. The kicker for me came about because every Christmas holidays I go through my cupboard and donate everything that I haven’t worn during the year – except some sentimental stuff. And I realised that I only have 1 thing in there that I made myself – other than my wedding dress.

Before I get back into sewing for myself though I had to finish these two dresses for my mum:

dress 1

dress 2

I love the blue and purple fabric – so hopefully I have enough left over for a skirt.

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