Saturday, January 8, 2011


I'm about to show you an awesome colour but far from awesome mani - I'm too impatient sometimes.

Revlon - Tropical Teal

tropical teal 1

tropical teal 2

tropical teal 3

It was three coater - although I didn't wait long enough between coats and made bubbles everywhere and because it then took ages to harden I smooshed and dinted it. Oh well - a little glitter will fix that right up.

My left thumb nail has a tear in it half way down - I'm trying to be very careful with it buy covering the tear with a teabag "bandage" so cross fingers I don’t lose half my nail. What’s worse is that I have no idea how I did it!


  1. Oh noes, very sad about the tear down your thumbnail!

    I just bought this polish the other day but haven't tried it yet! I keep buying polishes more than I can try out -.-"

  2. It's a great colour - found out it was an exact match for my friend's new car!