Friday, May 7, 2010

Adoree blues are over

I have been having such a bad computer day today, if the world wide web blows up in a few minutes, blame me.

While I was doing my uni readings this morning I wiped off the other mani and started with another Adoree polish. This time it went awesome.

2 coats of Adoree - 241 - Sea Turquoise
top and bottom coats - Maybelline Express Finish

I gotta say that I love this colour, it's the colour of my yoga mat and also my wedding shoes. It is slightly greener in real life. It reminds me of the blue 'white out' that you used to get.

I also love this nail polish, it was two coats. If it lasts until tomorrow without chipping then I think I'll have to by a backup. Imagine all the nail art I can do with this, well maybe you can't but I can. I'm already lining up something with a Mode polish for tomorrow.


Hopefully when I press "publish post" nothing will go wrong, cross fingers.

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