Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yes I know I promised photos of toes - but I decided no, I didn't need to terrify the world with a photo of them. I blame high school science; when we learnt about genetics. Up until that point I thought everyone had hairy knuckles and an index toe longer than the 'big' toe. I've been paranoid about them ever since. Which conflicts with my love of shoes but I'm not going to analyse myself too much.

On with the nail polish:

I chose to start with Adoree's Rockport Gray. I quite like this colour - in fact my car is this colour - but I think it's called pearl green or something. It is a 'work okay' colour as no one at work noticed it, when usually I have people asking me about my nails.

It took four coats, might need another but that's as far as I'll go. It was streaky, highlights the ridges on my nails and already had a chip in it by lunch. I only put it on last night and work was kind to my nails today.


For six bucks though, I'm pretty happy - not ecstatic but okay.


  1. Haha, my second toe is longer then my big toe too! Actually, I have weird toes in general. They are really long. I refer to them as finger toes. But on the bright side, I can separate them easily like fingers for the polishing!


  2. Yeah, no need for those toe separators - the only good thing about it.