Thursday, May 20, 2010

I can't think of a pun.

You get three photos - you lucky things you.

I went purple for today. It totally matched my aqua shirt and rainbow bright socks. I felt that I would need it. I knew that today would be pretty frustrating as I had an online conference and because everything IT I touch lately goes kaboom - it went as planned - KABOOM!

Nail colour: Mode - 10643 - Glitterati


I've been sporting this colour on my toes for a little while now and liking it.

It is a jelly with a bit of red to purple micro glitter. I needed three coats all up. Unfortunately I went to bed early last night - I'm talking 8:30 - which wasn't a long enough time for my nails to dry. I did get a lovely woven pattern across my right nails.

I do my right hand last even though I always mean to start there. Oh well.



These last photos serve no real purpose do they?


  1. The more pictures the better I say! I love that purple. I bought my first mode polishes the other day. I think I got Tatt-tastic, some really deep blue creme that had a name that was something to do with fashion or a catwalk - or maybe neither, who knows? And a sparkly clear glitter one that was called something like Diamond. Lol. They haven't been getting much love from me - between my china glaze holos and my nubar holos - I am suffering a severe case of shiny ball syndrome. Lol


  2. This morning I bought a second bottle of tatt-tastic - I spilt a heap the other day :( I also bought another blue one to try.