Monday, May 24, 2010

Nice with rice

I was poking around Mode R Us (my local chemist) on Saturday and remembered that they have a heap of Coral Colours at the back,,, Mode is up the front so I rarely go further.

A few years ago I did buy some Coral Colours and didn’t like them. They peeled off really easily. But I’m a very forgiving person and did buy a bottle and it honestly could have been my application’s fault. I’ve worn this mani for 24 hours now and it’s holding up nicely.


Nail colour = Coral Colours – 140 – Silk
Konad art = Konad – Dark Purple
Dots = Rimmel – 239 – Your Majesty

I normally don’t buy frosts – because I have heinous ridges that frosts like to highlight and the brush strokes are so obvious blah! But I wanted something really girly and pretty.

Ignore my dodgy konading skills, I was watching Xmen again so I should be forgiven lol.

This morning my boss was telling me that her husband wanted to call their child Wolverine if it was a boy – luckily it was a girl. But isn’t that funny how things work like that? Because I hadn’t mentioned to her anything about my Xmen weekend and she just brought it up.

I like Your Majesty a lot. This school holidays I’m going to the V8 races – and am on the lookout for a dark neon orange (oxymoron?) to go with the silver – my favourite team is Vodaphone and they are their colours.

Anyways toodaloo, I’m off to cook rice.


  1. Mmmm, rice. I think I need to eat something. You've just made me hungry. Anyway - I have decided to pass the Sweet Blog Award on to you. Check it out here and pass it on!


  2. Thank you Bec! I'll get onto it right now!