Friday, May 14, 2010

Bling my nails


Second polish for the week is:

Adoree 220 Hamilton Blue

I like this one a lot.

It took at least 4 coats to get it opaque - I lost count - but it dries super fast so I didn't care. It does have a scaly finish so I top-coated it twice but I don't mind a little texture, it makes me wanting to rub my finders over it; sensory deprived childhood?

I always worry that glitter will chip - but 24 hours later it is all good. I took this photo yesterday afternoon after a really busy day at school - a nail punishing sports day basically.

Anyways - I luff this polish - the glitter is a mix of tiny green, gold, light blue, red and maybe silver flecks with a gray clear to hold it altogether. I will need to get a backup bottle of this one for sure; I say that about a lot of polishes -_-,

Now be prepared for some ugly cuticles - they have been really awful lately and in the photo I had just oiled them:


You were warned!

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