Monday, May 3, 2010

A little French?

So, yesterday the nail on my little finger snapped off (just a little bit) while I was doing some heavy lifting (a book). So to hide it I french tipped the Speed Dating. See you can't even tell in the photo!

nail - Rimmel 331 Speed Dating
tip - Revlon 799 Plum Night

It looks black in real life and in the photo, but it's not. It's plum. I painted my mum's nails this on the Easter holidays and everyone thought it was black - like she had suddenly gone goth on them. It is a lovely dark plum that's for sure.

I really suck at french tips - I can always tell that I'm hopeless, but really no one gets up close enough to tell so phft. I will get that Konad french nail plate though,,, eventually.


  1. I hear you! I suck big time at free hand french. Yours was a pretty good effort. I have the french plate. Its fabulous. Also means I can use full nail designs when my nails are just that little bit too long.


  2. I didn't think about using the french plate for that!