Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not another nail polish blog

I’ve been so inspired lately to blog about my nails.

I know that everyone and their pets blog about their nails, but there are some truly awesome ones out there – and so many are Australian.

I love nail polish, I truly do, I can’t go near a Priceline, Big W or Chemist without buying a nail polish. But because I live in the middle of nowhere I can only rely on my local chemist (hence forth named Mode R Us) and the interwebs – ebay mostly but I might give oztion ago cause it looks like it has some variety.

I’m partial to a bit o’ glitter.

I’m time poor and stressed. I wear my polish until it chips or until I have to take it off for work. So you will see no swatches for the sake of swatches, once a polish is on it’s there for the long haul – unless it’s shit.

I make no apologies about the state of my nails, cuticles or mani.

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