Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today and Yesterday

My bottles of nail polish have out grown the box they are in, actually it got so heavy that it broke. So yesterday I toured the town looking for something to sort them into. I ended up getting 4 large food containers from the corner store, plus some cute breast cancer pink containers too.

I spent some of the day working my way through my collection and sorting out duplicate colours and stuff. I'll be passing on quite a few to a young girl I know who will love them :D


I got side tracked though, and my lounge room floor is still covered in containers and crap - I'll get back to it today! I promise!

Last night was Quiz Night at the RSL. So I and a few other teachers (and husbands) went out. I found this polish in the bathroom before we had to go, and quickly got it on my fingers.

Rimmel - 331 Speed Dating

I had kind of forgotten about it, but it's my answer to watermelon. I love the colour of watermelons, so this pretty much the shit. It has a little glimmer and because it's a jelly it also kind of reminds me of the jelly you get in doughnuts. It looks a littler bluer in real life - but still...

This is base coat, two coats, top coat. I used Maybelline Express Finish cause it's so quick to dry!!!

rimmel_ 331_speed_dating

And we are done.

Now if only I had a nice dark green I so could turn this into a watermelon french or something - with black dots...


  1. Can I recommend for future reference that you sign up to Make Up Alley? They have a fabulous section where you can swap items with people all over the world, even used polishes because your old shade is someone elses lemming. And their boards are fabulous. Everyone is so friendly there and eager to share what they know. I am also fairly new to the blogging scene, but have found it totally helpful.


  2. I will have to look into it, but I like enabling a little girls obsession for now haha!