Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just a bit of ramble

I'm home sick today and I don't have any nail photos to show you.

I got rid of the black mess on Monday night and have gone naked so far this week. I always go bare on Tuesday and Wednesday anyway because they are the days that I have cooking classes - it's a health and safety thing to cook with nail polish on so I set a good example for my kids - it kills me though.

I've been hacking my nails off as well - I don't like it when they get too long or really uneven - so off they went.

And finally - I have been meaning to share - but I ordered a bundle monster pack of fuaxnads from Amazon. I feel bad buying fakes but that doesn't mean that I won't buy real ones anymore. I have a wish list that changes all the time - but at the moment I want those clouds! I really wish Konad would do more fairies or some cats - that makes me sound a little like a crazy cat women ha!

And while we are on the subject, what is with the name Konad? My husband instantly thought gonads, whereas I think feminine hygiene products. Either way isn't good.

I'm going to back to bed now, forgive me for rambling on.

Wait a minute! Crap I have followers? I don't even know how that works!!! Thank you!

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